Pamela L. Neidert

Assistant Professor, Applied Behavioral Science, Faculty Supervisor, Sunnyside Toddler Program, Faculty Supervisor and Co-Founder, Little Steps Early Intervention Program
Primary office:
4023 Dole Human Development Center

Undergraduate Specialty Areas

Early Childhood Education and Intervention
Early Childhood Autism Intervention
Early Childhood Research

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

ABSC 444   Early Childhood Curriculum Development
ABSC 675   Practicum in Infant-Toddler Care and Early Intervention I
ABSC 676   Practicum in Infant-Toddler Care and Early Intervention II
ABSC 679   Practicum in Behavior-Analytic Research in Early Childhood
Additional Graduate Courses TBA

Research Interests

My experience prior to joining the KU Faculty in 2008 generally has involved assessment and treatment of problem behavior and skill acquisition in children and adults with developmental disabilities.  As a result, I am very interested in early intervention and prevention.  Currently, my research focuses on strategies to facilitate development of critical skills in very young children and evaluate the effects of proactive approaches to prevent the emergence of problem behavior.  Specific areas of interest include facilitative strategies for the development of language, social skills (imitation/attention), and self-help skills (sleeping, toileting, feeding) in both typically developing children and those at risk for, or diagnosed with, disabilities.

Service and Professional Interests

I serve as the Faculty Advisor for the Sunnyside Infant and Toddler Program.  I am a member of the Association for Behavior Analysis (ABA); I have been a member of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis (2001-2008) and the Maryland Association for Behavior Analysis (1998-2001).  I have served as a guest editor for the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, Behavior Analysis in Practice, and Education and Treatment of Children.

(785) 864-3498
Edna A. Hill Child Development Center
1000 Sunnyside
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045