James A. Sherman

Professor, Applied Behavioral Science
Faculty Supervisor, Kansas Early Autism Program (KEAP)
Primary office:
4052 Dole Human Development Center

Undergraduate Specialty Area(s)

Children with Disabilities
Delinquency and Juvenile Justice
Treatment Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

ABSC 304 Principles and Procedures of Behavior Modification (with Sheldon) 
ABSC 350 Behavioral Treatment of Children with Autism 
ABSC 680 Advanced Laboratory in the Development of Behavioral Treatments for Children with Autism 
ABSC 796 Laboratory in Behavioral Development and Modification

Research Interests

I am interested in developing and evaluating programs that help people with developmental disabilities achieve independent and satisfactory lives in the community. I am also interested in interventions to help families with adolescents who are having problems. There are three community programs with which my colleagues and I work.

First, we work with a program that provides homes in the community for adults with developmental disabilities. Part of our research focuses on developing and evaluating procedures to teach self-help, social, and independent living skills. Another part of our research focuses on staff training, maximizing community integration and quality of life for people with developmental disabilities, and building positive relationships between teachers and the people they serve.

A second program provides school and in-home teaching and consultation for families with children with autism. Our research here is in the areas of language teaching, development of appropriate social behavior, reducing challenging behaviors, and developing the skills of parents to be teachers of their own children.

Third, we conduct research as part of an in-home family therapy program for families with adolescents who are having problems. Our research here concerns the development and evaluation of procedures to teach more positive social behaviors, to manage or control anger, to schedule family activities and interactions, and to maximize effective communication and appropriate decision making with the family.

(785) 864-3498
Edna A. Hill Child Development Center
1000 Sunnyside
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045